Launch Collection Bundle

Launch Collection Bundle

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A sleek-ass reusable travel fork for every on-the-go eating occasion. Mix and match which Silvr to match your look of the day. Keep a few on hand to give as the perfect gifts. Whatever the reason to get a bundle of Silvrs may be...four is just better than one. 

Comes with one Drunken Zebra, one Hello Pretty, one Lush, and one Gagarrazzo.

+ Fork Top

Four tines for gripping veggies
Curved for scooping rice

+ Fork Handle

Aluminum for light weight
Breathable to let the stored tines dry
Rounded and tapered for better grip
Printed for style and fun

√ Wherever Eating

Silvr compacts down to a reusable fork you can throw in your bag or leave at your desk, for plastic-free eating, wherever lunch takes you.

√ Travel Friendly

This travel fork is TSA-approved.
For taste-testing everything on vacay.

∞ Make

Designed in NYC
Made responsibly in China

∞ Mark

From packaging to product, we avoid plastic wherever possible. Reusing your Silvr reduces your plastic footprint from the moment you use it rather than a plastic fork.

We're on a mission

Better design

Better materials

Better cleanliness

Better for the planet







stingy plastic forks.

flimsy plastic forks.

nasty plastic forks.

fucking plastic forks.