Porcelain's Cousin
Porcelain's Cousin
Porcelain's Cousin
Porcelain's Cousin

Porcelain's Cousin

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What They'll Say

That fork is so...pretty. Is that weird to say? Can a fork even be pretty? Screw the rules. It's awesome. He loves lamp. I love fork. Where's it from?

Why You'll Love It

This is about as feminine as Silvrs get, and it's not even super cutesy. If you like a little delicate detail in your style mix, or if you're just jiving with the rich color of the pattern, wait until you get to hold it in person. Also, if you love the word pretty, get ready to hear you favorite word on the daily.

Like all Silvr's, its got a portable design, where the handle becomes the case, turning your beautiful fork into the size of a lipstick (or pocket knife) when you're done using it.

+ Fork Top

Four tines for gripping veggies
Curved for scooping rice

+ Fork Handle

Aluminum for light weight
Breathable to let the stored tines dry
Rounded and tapered for better grip
Printed for style and fun

√ Wherever Eating

Silvr compacts down to a reusable fork you can throw in your bag or leave at your desk, for plastic-free eating, wherever lunch takes you.

√ Travel Friendly

This travel fork is TSA-approved.
For taste-testing everything on vacay.

∞ Make

Designed in NYC
Made responsibly in China

∞ Mark

From packaging to product, we avoid plastic wherever possible. Reusing your Silvr reduces your plastic footprint from the moment you use it rather than a plastic fork.

We're on a mission

Better design

Better materials

Better cleanliness

Better for the planet







stingy plastic forks.

flimsy plastic forks.

nasty plastic forks.

fucking plastic forks.