Silvr is a passion project to help bring awareness to plastic cutlery waste, and offer an attractive answer to the problem.
Did you know we waste about 40 BILLION plastic utensils a year in the US? Holy crap. What’s worse, is almost none of it gets recycled. 
I created Silvr while getting my MBA in Sustainability. I wanted an alternative to plastic cutlery that was cute, compact, and super convenient to clean.
I learned everything there is to know about utensils, and designed Silvr. It's a reusable, on-the-go, travel fork designed to look better and be better than plastic. 
Today, it has the added benefit of being a safer, cleaner way to eat outside of our homes. The more we can control what goes into our mouths and bodies, the better. 
Thanks for being a part of this stylish plastic-waste solution. Stay in touch with me @livthoughtfully to see what sustainability projects and solutions I come up with next.
—Olivia Gossett Cooper