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Olivia Gossett Cooper worked on Silvr as a project while getting her MBA in Sustainability, and then decided to create it in real life. Cooper just wanted a better alternative to disposable plastic flatware. Something that wasn't plastic or a camping utensil, but that was beautiful, sustainable, and also super practical. Something you could throw in your purse or leave at your desk, and get excited about using because it showed off your personal style and allowed you to be a part of a simple way of reducing plastic waste.

After a year of designing, testing, and sampling, we're excited to share Silvr and, with your help, continue to make it even better every day. #betterthanplastic


We tried to find a US-based manufacturer for about six months. Almost all turned us away because, as it turns out, US metal factories work mostly on industrial and aerospace parts...not forks.

So, we started working with a US-based agent who helped us source a factory to make Silvr. The factory we ultimately chose is based in China. Our founder's step mom was in China visiting factories for her business and made a visit to our's on that same trip. She said, "It's one of the most impressive factories I've ever seen". Here are some photos and videos from that trip:

Silvr Factor
At the factory entrance.
The grounds are too big too walk. So they ride on golf carts.
View of the grounds while hitching a ride on the golf cart.
A look at the machinery and manufacturing process.
The ride back to the car.


The top of Silvrs are made from 304 stainless steel. The handles are made from 5054 aluminum. The o-ring inside the handle is made from a natural silicone, not plastic.


We're on a mission to make the sustainable lifestyle a beautiful one. 

Sustainable living should not be a sacrifice, in lifestyle or style style. It's up to companies to offer the world better options, so the world can make better choices.

How sad would it be if our friend Billie were to pass up a more sustainable choice because it didn't meet their lifestyle expectations? We think it's the responsibility of businesses to do their damn hardest to make every single product equally aesthetically-pleasing, responsible, sustainable, and practical. 

That's why it's our mission to do just that, and make it as easy as possible for everyone to choose sustainability.


We are offering pre-order until our first shipment of Silvrs arrives.

Since this is a new product, we are customizing our manufacturing process at every step to make a great product that's also made responsibly. We are close to finalizing that process, from which point it will take about 20 days to make and 10 days to get to the U.S.. 

Based on this timeline, we predict any Silvr pre-ordered will be shipped to you in April 2019. 

We decided to offer pre-order because of the high demand for Silvrs, so that those who really wanted one, asap, could be sure to have one first. It's also a great way for us to see initial reactions to Silvr as we look for potential investors to help us improve Silvr for you every day.


It costs about $6 to make each Silvr. The packaging is about 39 cents per Silvr. The shipping is about $3.50 for average-size online orders. The fee we pay to our online processor comes out to about 94 cents per Silvr. All of this adds up to $10.80 to get a Silvr to your door.

We sell Silvrs online for $22. We donate 5% of all sales to organizations helping to cleanup plastic pollution. This brings our margins from about $11.20 to $10.64 for each Silvr sold online.

The $10.64 on that sale is used to pay for things like payroll, making new Silvrs, keep the lights up, invest back into the innovation research (like how to take back and repurpose old Silvrs), do cool things like partnerships and giveaways, and more.


Our founder Olivia Gossett Cooper has an MBA in Sustainability, so she's literally a Master at running an environmentally sustainable business. For Silvr, that means looking at every decision's impact on people, planet and profit. Without considering all three, we wouldn't consider Silvr a sustainable business. 

This effort translates to things like, finding alternatives to plastic in everything we do — from product materials to packaging. And, working with our manufacturer to develop a take-back program and repurpose old Silvrs into new ones (coming soon).

But, before anything, Olivia wanted to ensure that using a Silvr really was better for the environment than using disposable plastic forks.

What she found is that it takes fewer carbon emissions to make one plastic fork than it does one Silvr. But, we don't use just one plastic fork...we each can use thousands! 

Here's the great news. The emissions it takes to make one Silvr is about equal to the energy and emissions it takes to make 30 plastic forks. So, about one month's worth. 

Bottom line: as soon as you've used Silvr instead of a plastic fork 30 times, every time you use it from then on, you're reducing your carbon and plastic pollution footprint.

Silvr forks cheersing 

Want to know more? Email us at hello@silvrinc.com. We'll send an answer back to you and put it up here for everyone else to see.