Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra
Drunken Zebra

Drunken Zebra

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Why You'll Love It

We didn't invent lines, but you'll love having them on your fork. They're simple enough for the most modest of us. Interesting enough to compliment your unique styles.

Like all Silvr's, its got a portable design, where the handle becomes the case, turning your beautiful fork into the size of a lipstick (or pocket knife) when you're done using it.



Pull the two pieces apart. Position the fork top so the tines face away from the handle opening. Push the fork top into the opening of the handle until snaps in.

Silvr fork Closing


Pull the two pieces apart. Don’t be afraid to give it a yank. Position the fork top so the tines are facing the handle opening. Push the fork top into the handle. 

Silvr Wash Instructions


Fork Top: Dishwasher-safe. Wipe or rinse after use. It will dry out in handle, thanks to the air holes.

Handle: Hand wash only. Air dry. It can dry out when closed. Like all metals, it gets hot in hot water.

Wash Silvr before first use.

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The way we see it, if you did the sharing, you deserve the reward — no matter what.

Share a post or story with Silvr and mention @Silvrinc. Don't have a Silvr yet? Share a photo from our website or IG feed.
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We all win a little more at life.


Questions? Email us at info@silvrinc.com.


Because, it's all in the details.

Silvr can easily fit in your pocket or bag. Shouldn't all travel utensils?

Designed with style-conscious adults in mind. Please see photos.

Curved lines and four tines means this travel fork can pierce through veggies and scoop up rice with ease.

It's super easy to clean Silvr after using the fork on-the-go or at work.

Silvr's fork top is made from 304 stainless steel, so you can reuse with piece of mind. 

Made from aluminum so it's super light weight. Rounded edges for easy gripping. And, air holes to let your fork dry out between meals.

√ Wherever Eating

Silvr compacts down to a reusable fork you can throw in your bag or leave at your desk, for plastic-free eating, wherever lunch takes you.

√ Travel Friendly

This travel fork is TSA-approved.
For taste-testing everything on vacay.

∞ Make

Designed in NYC
Made responsibly in China
(We visited to make sure)

∞ Mark

From packaging to product, we avoid plastic wherever possible. Reusing your Silvr reduces your plastic footprint from the moment you use it rather than a plastic fork.

Plastic-free Shipping

WTF is the point of all this if our shipping and packaging uses plastic?

All Silvrs come in plastic-free packaging and ship plastic-free.

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